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Background color change for .jpg images

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I have some .jpg images that are drawings in black ink.   The current background color is uniform for the entire image.   I want to change just the background color without having to pick each individual section and print only the black drawing lines.   Can this be done with this software?  If so, how?   Any help would be greatly appreciated.   Thanks.

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If the drawing is done entirely in black ink, and the background (say the "paper" the drawing is on) is one solid color, it sounds like to me you can change the hue of the whole image. If you want to do this in Paint.net, then you would use Adjustments / Hue / Saturation... (Ctrl+Shift+U) and drag the sliders around to achieve the color you want. This will work if the background isn't solid white.


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The plugin pack above contains a plugin called Switch Gray to Alpha, which makes every pixel transparent according to how white it is. White becomes completely transparent. In other words, it turns black lines on a white background into black lines on a transparent background...this is great for preparing drawings to be digitally colored or worked with. Then you can make a layer beneath with whatever color you want, and merge down

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