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Undesired new soft brush behavior in 5.0

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I use the brush and eraser of varying hardness for many applications. Whether it be for quick shadows, gradients, and vignettes.

Pre 5.0, the brush and eraser with a hardness of 0 was very smooth, just like that of a gradient. In 5.0, the same brush I think looks more organic, but not what I desire. The effect which I describe is more apparent in large brush sizes, which I rely on. I found that changing the spacing to about 10% makes it smoother (still not as perfect as before), but it looses the intensity of the color (i.e. painting solid black on solid white will look grey).

I see this change becoming a nuisance and a serious hurdle for the things I like to create in PDN. I hope there can be some kind of toggle for legacy brush behavior. I apologize if this came off a little unappreciative. Let me know what you think.






I don't have any good photo examples of the pre-5.0 brush unfortunately.


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