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Looking for a plugin effect that can colorize an image with a specific RGB/hex value

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Over the years, I've been using Ed Harvey's effect pack, and in it contains a color filter effect. You're able to select a hue, the density of the effect (0-100), and an option to preserve highlights. This has been fine for most of the things I've done, but something I've really been looking for is the ability to color the image with a specific RGB/hex value.


Perhaps I want to use hex code #00003F which would be a dark blue. If I wanted to achieve this color with my current effect, first I would have to roughly find the hue I want to color it with, apply the filter, and then manually darken it with the hue/saturation tool. This makes it very hard to color things a specific color. I'm looking for a plugin that can directly color the image with a supplied RGB/hex value.

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On 1/19/2023 at 4:29 AM, KanaiZo said:

I'm dumb. In my 8 years of using this program, I never knew the recolor tool existed.

Not dumb, I'm sure... just unaware.

There are certain to be other capabilities of paint.net that you are also unaware of.

Put aside a little time each day to read all of the excellent documentation. If you do it section by section and try things out as you go you'll be amazed at what you discover.

Click the :Help: icon top right and select 'Documentation', or just press the F1 key.



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