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Adding a Legacy Outline System to Boltbait's Outline Plugin

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I had celebrated the release of Paint.NET 5.0, although I have a suggestion for one of Boltbait's plugins. Specifically, the Outline Object plugin.


I had installed it via the plugin pack, and have been using the plugin pack since late 2021. But I noticed something different about the Outline Object plugin. The way it works is a little different.


Although I am aware that some things have to be rewritten for an update, and some things are bound to change, I simply wanted to utilize the new outline tool, while also restoring the old outline style for any purpose.


I often go for pixel/bitmap typography in a lot of my works, and I noticed the shape of the outlines had changed.


The way I implemented aliased outlines before version 5.0 was through cranking up the opacity to 255, as there wasn't an option for aliased outlines other than that gimmick I often pulled for my typography.


Once I noticed this, I wasn't really a fan of the outcome, as I didn't want a technique like that to go away. The way I tried to replicate the old aliased outlines in the image above was by sharpening the edges with the brush while having antialiasing turned off, which will only slow me down in the process of making an image.


And so, I have created a couple mockups of how my idea for a legacy outline system will work.


The option to enable the legacy outlines would be through a checkbox that the user would tick in order to use the old outline system (the old opacity meter that appeared on older versions of the plugin). That way, I can fix the issue that I encountered with the new outline system implemented in the v5.0 version.


If there's already a solution to this issue, please tell me in the replies, as I have only started to take note of this until this very moment. Thanks.

(...oh yeah, and I hope I posted in the right subforum)

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