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Sharpen Classic (for Paint.NET v5.0+)

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The Photo > Sharpen effect was rewritten for Paint.NET v5.0 and several people have requested the old sharpen effect back.  So, here it is:


This is the "classic" (pre v5.0) version of Photo > Sharpen.





Download this zip file to your desktop.  Unzip it.  Run the included Install_SharpenClassic batch file.


After install, you should find the effect in the Effects > Photo menu under the name of "Sharpen Classic".


By the way, there's no need to download from here as this plugin is now part of BoltBait's Plugin Pack.




CodeLab script:


// Name: Sharpen Classic
// Submenu: Photo
// Author: BoltBait
// Title: BoltBait's Sharpen Classic v1.0
// Version: 1.0
// Desc: Sharpen without GPU acceleration
// Keywords: sharpen
// URL: https://BoltBait.com/pdn
// Help: Sharpen Classic v1.0\nUI Copyright ©2023 by BoltBait\nSharpen algorithm Copyright ©2013 by Rick Brewster\nAll rights reserved.
#region UICode
IntSliderControl Amount1 = 2; // [1,20] Sharpen Amount

SharpenEffect sharpenEffect = new SharpenEffect();
PropertyCollection sharpenProps;

protected override void OnDispose(bool disposing)
    if (disposing)
        sharpenEffect?.Dispose(); sharpenEffect = null;


void PreRender(Surface dst, Surface src)
    sharpenEffect.EnvironmentParameters = EnvironmentParameters;
    sharpenProps = sharpenEffect.CreatePropertyCollection();
    PropertyBasedEffectConfigToken sharpenParameters = new PropertyBasedEffectConfigToken(sharpenProps);
    sharpenParameters.SetPropertyValue(SharpenEffect.PropertyNames.Amount, Amount1);
    sharpenEffect.SetRenderInfo(sharpenParameters, new RenderArgs(dst), new RenderArgs(src));

void Render(Surface dst, Surface src, Rectangle rect)
    sharpenEffect.Render(new Rectangle[1] {rect},0,1);



Enjoy. :beer: B) 👍


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 I have been using Paint.net for editing the 8000+ images for the Slide Rule Museum and for publishing over 35 image based books on Amazon. The recent update on sharpening text and images is useless. Thank you for bringing back the previous version. It was easy to install. Maybe someone needs to tell me the correct settings on the new sharpen, but I will stay with the easy version. Thank you!


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