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Change colors for a complex patern

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Hi everybody,


I have a yellow rounded rectange pattern with a neon effect that I would like to change to other colors (blue, orange, green, purple) but with keeping the neon effect.

I have tried to use the "Hue / Saturation" adjustment but the change is too violent.

It is probably a simple thing to do for most of you but I did not find out how to do it.

Many thanks,



cadre jaune.png

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  1. Use the color picker tool :ColorPickerTool: + Right click to set the Secondary color to a mid-yellow from the image.
  2. Choose the replacement color as the Primary color.
  3. Activate the Recoloring tool :RecoloringTool:
  4. In the toolbar, set the Sampling to the Secondary color. :RecolorToolSamplingSecondary:
  5. Increase the size of the brush to something like 100
  6. "Paint" the new shade over the old.


Here I've replaced the yellow with blue



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PS I had excellent success with Hue/Saturation when I tried. If you found it too extreme, try lowering the Saturation and/or Lightness


Pro-Tip: Use the keyboard arrows (up & Down) to make small adjustments to the numeric values ;)



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