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Arguing With Color Replace

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THis one is not new to 5.0. I have always had an issue with it, so I'm assuming I am probably doing something wrong.


As noted in my Color thread, I'm working on bales for a new Barn Hunt map. Image 1 shows what my old bales look like. I remember it took me the long end of forever to get those wide diagonal stripes in the Base Edge Bale.


So I thought I would try something different. I started with the Rectangle tool on "Draw Filled Shape with Outline.", and set the fill to "Wide Upward DIagonal." I drew my Rectangle, then reset it to "Draw Outline" and "Solid" to achieve the solid line around the Rectangle. 


Hah. I thought. I've found a much faster way to do these darn things. 


Then I backed out from about 600% and realized the lines are so close together they look solid when printed. The reason for having a solid block for the Base Flat Bale and a lined block for the Base Edge Bale is because course builders frequently cannot tell the difference between shades and tints of the same color.(Yes, I have to use Shades and Tints of the same color for each layer of the course.) 


So, said I, I'll just use Color Replace to remove every other line so they will be distinct. THis would have worked perfectly except.... I get weird light bits when going over the same area twice. IOW, I am replacing Color B with Color A, and if my Replacement Tool goes over ANY of Color B, it turns it into Color C, a lighter tint. This is NOT what I want, but it's what always happens to me when trying to do a Replace. 


Image 1 shows Original Bales. Image 2 shows the sequence I described above. Image 3 shows a closeup of the lined bale with an attempt to remove every other dark line, with the light freckles on Color A. I think I remembered to include the Replacement settings I used, but they don't seem to matter. No matter what I set Replacement on, I get those dang freckles.


I assume I am doing something wrong, but I don't know what.




Screenshot 2023-01-13 034348.jpg

Screenshot 2023-01-15 111945 - Copy.jpg

Screenshot 2023-01-15 112225 - Copy.jpg

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The recolor tool in my experience works best with photo manipulation, not ideal for graphics. I believe a better way to paint out the lines would be to use the line tool.

Select the base case color,

set the line to the appropriate width,

and, for this case, turn off anti-ailiasing.

You can paint straight 45 degree diagonals when you hold down shift while drawing a line. I hope this was clear and helpful. 🙂

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