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I have over 1k images in my folder now, how do you all navigate?

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Anyone have an absurd number of images? I need help with culling and sorting. The windows explorer and photos kind of suck. 


Any recommendations? 


Also bonus... if anyone has a batch file to rename things ### that would be great. 

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More folders. Many more folders ;) and descriptive filenames!

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Agree with @Ego Eram Reputo

I have Year folders, in those are Monthly folders with PDN Files Folder & then the images.

2023 -> January ->PDN FILES -> then the .png files & all of my works are named.  E.g. Mookaite or Sleeping Softly...

I also put my sig with the year created on the bottom left. 


Anyway, that is how I do it. I also have Deviant Art which gives me a quickish look at what I have & then I can do a better search in the rare times I can't recall the name of the artwork. Elements that are used a lot such as star highlights or ball highlights etc. are in a file of their own, appropriately named.


Hope that is useful for you.

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Knowledge is no burden to carry.


April Jones, 2012

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