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Feature Request: Option for different sizes for Brush, Eraser, Line, and Shape

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It can definitely come in handy to have these sizes linked together.  I recently got into tablet drawing, where having the eraser at a different size than the brush helps a lot.   Maybe a third of the time I spend drawing is spent adjusting sizes and the momentum lost from doing it this way.  I currently have [ and ] set to my shortcuts for my drawing tablet which helps a little, but it still kills a lot of time.


Back when I'd do art that wasn't with a pen, I usually liked having the sizes linked together.  It would be nice if this feature were to be implemented, it would be given as an option on whether the sizes are linked.   Thanks for your time.

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Something along the lines of this?


I personally think that's a generally good idea for a feature, as there have been some times where I wanted the tools to have a different width depending on what you set it to. Although I don't use my tablet often, because I never really learned how to input shortcuts with the buttons on it (maybe it's a control panel thing, in which case, I should check that out).


This suggestion personally reminds me of how the sizes and width for the brushes and lines work in Pencil2D (the widths aren't linked together, and have separate widths). Hopefully we'll see this arrive some time soon.

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