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FEATURE REQ: "Save Copy As.."

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Found this asked for in a very old thread, but as of v4.3.12 it isn't yet implemented.


Many times I need to save a .png or .jpg from a .pdn file without losing quality/layers/whatever, just to test the resulting image in another program or website, or the like.


As a fact, many image editing programs already have this as an option since ages and it would be a great addition.


My current workaround (since ages too) is to "Save As.." > Filetype: PNG or JPG > Choose "Merge all layers" > "Ok"


After saving, just Undo with 'Ctrl-Z' and you will get back your original layers for saving as a PDN file or continue editing.


Hope this can be seen sooner than later. Thanks for the great job in paint.net

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My current workaround (since ages too) is to "Save As.." > Filetype: PNG or JPG > Choose "Merge all layers" > "Ok"

After saving, just Undo with 'Ctrl-Z' 


Or to avoid any change to your original image:

1. Ctrl+Shift+C
2. Ctrl+Alt+V

3. Ctrl+S

4. Ctrl+W

which does:

1. Copy Merged
2. Paste into New Image

3. Save

4. Close

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IIRC, we've looked at implementing this and it effectively stalled at the design stage. Basically, how should "Export As ..." remember (or not) the settings and file name/path used for saving. It's not difficult to implement, it just requires a fleshed out design for this. It could definitely go in as a 5.0.x feature within the next few months if this gets resolved and ironed out.

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If it's a subjective matter, may I cast my opinion on this;


For my workload, I think it would work best if the "save a copy as" used the .pdn parent's project name for the name, then used the last saved format used by "save a copy as" (if that's possible- not sure if windows exposes that or not.)


Any other new types of saves, such as "export as" would have their own last extension type and file name remembered for their respective dialogs.


Maybe off topic but:

Alternatively, for my workload, I would never need anything more than the already implemented "save as" if there wasn't a need to flatten a .pdn before saving as an alternate extension type. I think logically this could be accomplished by the addition of a "save project" button. This would specifically save the .pdn in the place the project was started in the first place. Upon clicking the save button, it would save a flattened image file in the previously used name and extension type. Upon closing a project, it would save the project to the .pdn file (a checkmark saying to "always save project file on closing" would be helpful too.) 


As for preserving project quality, perhaps it would be good to save the .pdn file when performing a save as. If not all would like this feature, perhaps it could be a checkmark box to not ask in the future. 


Thank you very much for your time

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