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Resizing picture to small without quality loss?!!

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Hi guys, 


I have some pictures of an artist here, which I must resize from large to small (Height about 290 px).

When i do this (used Best Quality / Supersampling), I lose a lot of the quality from the original. Even the written text at the bubble of the picture is not readable any more. 



Here the original one: about 9MB @ 3000 x 4000 px



Here how i did the resizing in Paint.Net: 



Here the result: about 290px Height



You see the picture has lost a lot of quality!





Here my questions: 

  • Is this normal to lose quality in such way, when resizing pictures from large to small?
  • Is there any way in Paint.Net to get a better quality?


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Hello @Iscoron and welcome to the forum.


Why not try to resize it yourself, by using the move selected pixels, you may get less 'banding' that way.




6 hours ago, Iscoron said:

Even the written text at the bubble of the picture is not readable any more. 


Yes, it won't be readable, because you made the picture smaller.  You could rectify this by:


1.  Make a new layer, paint white over the text in the bubble (use the color picker tool to get the correct color) :ColorPickerTool:

2.  On a new layer, type in the text a bit larger.

3.  Then flatten your work.


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Sometimes when you are designing something to be large it does not translate well when it is smaller. 


I don't really think you have a quality loss but the size difference makes an impact. 


I found the words somewhat hard to read on the picture in the original. I noticed I could zoom in and that helped. 


But I gotta say 290 pixels is really small no matter how you cut it. 

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