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Unable to use keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Shift+M (Curves) after I click on Layers

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I have a workflow that requires me to convert screenshots into R,G,B layers (Blend: Additive).  I simply clone into 3 layers and convert each one by one to R/G/B via curves, and use Blend: Additive.  It works.


(There are times where I need to shift a specific color channel by a pixel left or right, for a special compensation purpose, which is why I am doing things in Paint.net, since it has a great live preview)


Normally, I use Ctrl+A followed by Ctrl+Shift+M to bring the Curves up, go RGB, and quickly deselect one and clamp the rest down.  


But if I've edited Layer Properties and dismissed it, and now I need to change curves, Ctrl+Shift+M doesn't work after I dismissed the Layer Properties window by hitting Enter (type new layer name, tab, tab, hit "A" for Additive, then hit Enter to dismiss Layer Properties).  So I am forced to click on the image, often while I have a specific part of the image selected (for pixel shifting only part of an image for only one color channel)


But when I click the next layer in Layers, I can no longer Ctrl+Shift+M until I click on the window (which sometimes causes me to accidentally click something or move the image a few pixels around, if I'm rushing through the steps).



--> Is there a hotkey that instantly refocuses keyboard back to the image, rather than the Layers window?   (So that I can hit Ctrl+Shift+M afterwards)

--> Or can the software be fixed to passthrough unrecognized keypresses (e.g. Ctrl+Shift+M is not used by Layers window) back to the main window? 

(Or simply refocus the main window after dismissing Layer Properties)


Since I am whipping through dozens of images, eliminating accident-prone clicks (especially if I have something selected), is favourable and would speed up my workflow by about 25% since I have found hotkeys to go most of everything -- except this non-responsive Ctrl+Shift+M step right after dismissing Layer Properties window by hitting Enter.   

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