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I have the feeling that fixing the " color corruption bug caused by the RGB to HSV conversion" bug should not be that hard

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So, I am aware of the fact that over the years a lot of people have already made posts asking for the bug to get fixed that sets the black level of a color set in the HSV part of the color window always one unit below of what you actually set.
My current workaround for this is to simply set the black level of the color one unit higher, when I want to have the black level of 50, I set it to 51, and when I check the color with the color picker tool it always gives me the one unit subtracted color of 50 in this case. Intentionally setting the color higher of what I want to let the bug " fix it out ".

But, well, if this is really something that always happens when changing the value in the HSV slider by just one number... Can't you just +1 the black level of the color up in the code to get the bug fixed?

I have read that this problem is caused because of the nature of RGB and HSV as they are two different ways of calculating color, and that converting between them is never going to be perfect. Yet at the same time, maybe just a simple if statement in the code is really all it needs to fix this. This way the developers don't have to fix an always imperfect conversion between color systems, but just do something like:

" If: black level HSV color slider has been changed:

          black level = +1 "

Please Paint.net Developers, fix this bug. Maybe this solution is going to work.

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