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HP Printer refuses to print in color

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I have suddenly encountered a problem whereby I cannot print colour pictures.

It affects all my software applications but is clearest when using Paint.Net.

The problem.  Whenever I try to print a picture, it always comes out in black and white.

I have tried Photoshop and Faststone Image Viewer in particular.

But Paint.Net gives me the clearest clues.

I open a colour picture in Paint.Net, and choose File > Print.

My Print dialogue contains 'printers' which include Adobe PDF, Microsoft PDF, SnagIt, OneNote - all of which show a coloured print preview.

But when I want to send it to a real printer (HP ENVY 4520 Series) the preview changes to B&W.  The picture then prints in B&W.

This has only just started happening, today, and I haven't changed any application.

Test prints from the printer come out in perfect colour.

Can anyone understand why?

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Thanks for your help.  It's cleared now.  As I described, the problem affected all other apps as well as Paint.Net.  So I zapped everything relating to my printed and re-installed.  The problem was still there.  But I had read several internet 'solutions' to the problem.  I applied them all.  At the end, it was fixed.  I don't know which 'solution' fixed it.

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