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The pop up window's latest position is not remembered

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Sometimes i have many images open and want to close them all quicker without closing Paint.NET by repositioning the pop up window closer to the top of Paint.net's thumbnail pane which makes for shorter mouse pointer travel distance but next time the window pops up its position has been restored to center of Paint.NET.


I also wonder why there is no short cut to closing an image without closing Paint.net.

paint net.png

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No, ctrl+w just opens the window but i still have to move my mouse pointer to the top and click on a thumbnail and then go back down to the window to select "don't save", so nothing is gained by using ctrl+w. A short cut for "don't save" would be better with a possibility of undoing "don't save" in case one by accident discarded the file.

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On 11/27/2022 at 9:50 PM, frer8833 said:

I don't understand what does Underline Access Keys and Alt-key got to do with N because when I press Alt repeatedly and have activated Underline Access Keys both outside and within Paint.net nothing happens.

@frer8833, you said above "nothing happens" and asked: "Is N key some secret key, because i don't see this key officially used like this, where can i find all the inofficial ways of using the keys?"

As @Rick Brewster said: "Tap the Alt key to enable the underlines which show the keyboard accelerator keys. This is standard Windows behavior."

Take a look at the dialogs below:

On the left is the Unsaved Changes dialog that you see when clicking Close or pressing CTRL+W.

On the right, the accelerator keys S and N are shown with underlines as a result of pressing ALT (or having Underline Access Keys set)

To close the image and save, press CTRL+W  then S

To close the image and don't save, press CTRL+W  then N

The same approach applies for menus. See the underlined letters on the right after pressing ALT:


So, for example, to flip an image horizontally, press ALT I H



Your original question was about reducing mouse movement. If you get into the habit of using CTRL and ALT accelerator keys, then for many operations you don't need to move the mouse at all editing becomes much faster.

The same is true when using other Windows applications.

FYI, there is a comprehensive list of keyboard commands in the excellent Paint.NET documentation https://www.getpaint.net/doc/latest/KeyboardMouseCommands.html

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