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PSFilterPdn for Paint.NET 5.0


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This is a version of PSFilterPdn for Paint.NET 5.0.


Changes from version


  • 8bf filters can now write outside of the selection.
    • Filters that do not request to render outside of the selection will have the output image clipped to the selection mask in post-processing.

    • Note that some filters may ignore the selection entirely (e.g. Luce 2).

  • 8bf filters now have access to the document DPI information.

  • 8bf filters now have access to the document EXIF and XMP metadata.
  • 8bf filters now have access to the document color profile.
  • PSFilterShim is now built as a self-contained .NET 7 application.

  • Fixed a bug with the selection mask scaling.
  • The OS color picker dialog is now used instead of a custom Windows Forms-based dialog.
  • Improved the speed when searching for filters on startup.
  • Fixed the dialog high-DPI scaling.
  • Added a Diagnostics tab with various logging/troubleshooting items.


The version in this post as been superseded by a release in the plugin thread: https://forums.getpaint.net/topic/20622-psfilterpdn


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