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How to copy/paste a photo onto a rectangle

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I have a photo on my desktop that measures 484x840 pixels. 

I need to have this photo fit into a rectangle 2700x2025. 

Every time I paste the photo into the rectangle that I made, the rectangle does not maintain its size, but reduces to the size of the photo. 

How can I change that?

I also want to increase the size of the photo once inside the rectangle 2700x2025. 


Thanks Madeline

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So essentially you want to put a rectangular border around the photograph but also have the option to increase the size of the photo inside the rectangular frame. Yes?


Should be simple; you just need to create a new image 2700x2025 in size with colour/transparency of choice.


Then you use Layers > Import from File to add the 840  x 484 photograph as a new layer above it. That way you can resize, rotate or move it wherever you want against the background in the layer below.


When working on photographs or anything else where you want to add a border it is the best way to do it. I'd also recommend you use Chris Vandermotten's "Object Align" plugin. It allows you to centre, re-centre or align as desired a layer so you can easily achieve an even border all round, if that is what you want.


Once everything is done you can save it as a PDN file, preserving the layers in case you want to adjust it again later. Then save it as JPG, PNG or whatever you want. That save process will include flattening the two layers into one.    




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