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Large Art of the Week 6: Modern Art

October 6th to October 13th, 12:00am Eastern


Modern Art- Find a classic painting from the Internet and modernize it. I suggest you utilize all of the the "Artistic" effects (Ink Sketch, Oil Painting, etc,)

Large Art of the Week is a competition based on the Signature of the Week competition. It has a bigger canvas space, making the possibilities endless. This is your canvas, and you have your paint brush. Paint well. 8)


These are the rules,and you have to follow them. If broken, your submission is disqualified, and you will be unable to enter the next week's competition.

You must follow the weekly theme.

Submission previews can be no larger than 800x600, but a larger version can be linked.

You must contain links to all stock used. Not doing so will bar you from any LAOTW competitions in the future

No plagarism. EVER.

Your work must be created in Paint.NET. After all this is a Paint.NET forum.

The Prize:

Got to have a prize, right?

You get to choose next week's theme

You get your name added to the LAOTW Hall of Fame

You gain worldwide adoring fans, :D

And maybe even more....(yeah right!)

This week's theme:Modern Art

The Hall of Fame:

ZizOiz: From a Storybook

Xpired: Science Fiction

Max Power: Fire and Ice

Max Power:Nature and Technology

Max Power: Dimensional Failure

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After the removal of first layers of painting from Leonardo Da Vinci's Last Supper, it was revealed what follows:

Apostle Simon was a cheat

Apostle Thomas had bad smoking habits

Apostle Andrew was a glutton

Leonardo invented the Coca-Cola

At those time they already knew pizza margherita

The misterious arm handling a knife had no hamful intentions, after all

Oh, and we must credit Dan Brown, he was right about Mary the Magdalene!


the original from here: http://www.golagioconda.it/public/Cenacolo.jpg

to know who's who I used this wiki page: http://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/L'ultima_cena_(Leonardo)

Only stock used: A picture I took of my cat Topezia (so I suppose it is not properly a stock)


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