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Unable to draw any object in Paint.Net

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Can someone help me make my first drawing? I am used to PhotoShop, Illustrator, Expression Blend and other tools, but can't seem to even create a geometric figure in Paint.Net. The figure appears, but when I try to color it, the figure disappears. Nothing seems to work right.

I looked through the tutorials and they all seem to start by assuming you can draw some kind of object and don't deal with basics.

I'm about to give up if I can't get some simple instructions soon. This tool was advertised to work like existing tools, but it seems to be untrue.

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Start by looking in the tutorials for something you like. Follow the instructions there, and don't forget that pressing F1 brings up the help menu.

For shapes you might like to read this section of the help files: PDN Shape Tools

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Welcome to the forum!  Glad you found what you were looking for.


I want to point you toward the Forum Rules (particularly rule #11).  That will let you know why I am locking this thread.




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