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Printing images to specified size issue.

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Not having a lot of experience with creating and printing images, I have a question.
I build remote control models such as ww11 aircraft and want to print their markings on transparent sticker paper to a specific size depending on where the sticker go on the model..
My problem occurs when I go to print the image after resizing it in the software.
For example, if I want my image (Say a stars and stripes banner on a wing), and I want that image to print say 5 inches wide and 3 inches high, when I resize it to that size and maintain ratio, then flatten and save it, when I go to print it on my Canon printer, it prints as much as twice the size or even covers the whole A4 sheet.
The image below is what it looks like on an A4 sheet when printed.
I want it half that size.

Stras and banner correct for wing.jpg

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1 hour ago, BDP said:

This plugin doesn't work with the latest version of Paint Net - just tried it!


Thanks.  Hopefully @midora will see this and update it :) 


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Too slow again! but I've written it now.😃


No disrespect meant toward @midora but 'Print it' has never worked for me - not even on Pdn 3.5.11! - Perhaps it just doesn't like my Epson printer.
I also find the Window's print dialogue, which Pdn uses, horribly confusing.


I find the most accurate way of printing to the size I want is to create/re-size the image in Pdn at 300 d.p.i (or 300 pixels per inch), save as .png, then open in Windows Word and print from there. The size that Pdn reports at 300 d.p.i is accurate but sometimes changes slightly (eg. 299.95) due to some unfathomable calculation🙄.

My version of MS Word is 2007 so I expect things have changed on more recent versions! However, when I insert a picture in Word, this brings up the 'Picture Tools' menu. From there you can set the size to 100% and it will show the output size accurately - hopefully the same as created in Pdn.

I would expect more recent versions of Word to work in a similar way or possibly try the free 'Open Office' software?


Good luck - often best to print at draft quality on cheap paper first to save ink in case of mistakes!




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Usually, I convert my work into pdf with vector softwares to print.

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