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Paint.net opens when printing image from Explorer

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I suppose this might be just another oddity of Windows 10 file association system, which to me seems beyond inscrutable. Right-clicking on a .jpg file in Windows Explorer and choosing

"Print" will open the expected "Print Pictures" dialog box, but also a paint.net window behind it with the subject image open it it. It so happens that, today anyway, .jpg files are associated with paint.net (has the PDN icon in Explorer). Printing other image file types which (at the moment) do not have the PDN icon next to them, opens only the Print Pictures

dialog. It does not seem appropriate that paint.net would open as it does like this, especially since the image types associated with PDN on my machine seem to change

willy-nilly. Using PDN 4.3.12.  

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This doesn't reproduce for me, even when telling Windows to always open JPEGs with Paint.NET. Right-clicking on a JPEG and then Print will open just the Print Wizard, while double-clicking will open Paint.NET. For .PDN image, right-click-Print will open Paint.NET and the Print Wizard, as expected. I'm on Windows 11.


The Paint.NET Blog: https://blog.getpaint.net/

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Well, I sort of found out why this is happening. On my machine, I have maybe a half-dozen applications that can open images.

As often as not, merely opening an image with one of those will change the existing "default" opener for that image type. And

the new default will not necessarily be the program I just used, or the pre-existing default. For instance, a bit ago I had all my

.jpg files showing the PDN icon in Explorer, and I used the "Open with ..." menu to open one of them in Windows Paint. I closed out

Paint, and restarted Explorer. Now, all the .jpg files are shown as "IrfanView JPG File"s. Anyway, whenever an image is associated

with PDN in Explorer, and I choose the Print action, it seems the command registered at HKCR\ paint.net.1\shell\print\command is executed,

which opens both paint.net with the image showing, and the Print Pictures Wizard on top of that. I just deleted that "print" subkey,

and now everything works as it should.


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