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[SUGGESTION] Close duplicate files button

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First of all I'd like to say I *LOVE* Paint.NET, and have been using it as my default image editor for ages now! It's amazing :D


But I'd really like there to be an option to close duplicate files, since I tend to open images in bulk and often end up with many instances of the same file open at once. It really grinds my PC to a halt sometimes, and I wish there was an option to close all of the duplicate instances of the same file so I can quickly close all the extra ones.

That way I can easily have only one of each file open at a time, without having to manually go through the whole list while trying to remember which ones I've already seen open and which ones are new. I have a plugin like this for Firefox, which closes all duplicate tabs at the press of a button, and it saves my butt in that program on the regular xD


I really hope to see this implemented one day, hopefully it's not too bad of a hassle!

Anyway, thanks so much for the superb program, keep up the good work!


Kind regards,


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I don't expect it to.
I meant duplicate instances of the actual same file being open at once, not individual instances of different copies of a file.


Though if it could recognise different copies too, then that'd be even better.

And in that case, how it would decide which to keep... Maybe just whichever was opened first, and close all the others?

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