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line of symetry feature

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It might be useful for perfectionists to have a line of symetry feature. The line should duplicate and flip a selected part over the line to produce a perfectly symetrical figure. Saves half the time and can help people who can't draw correctly. Make sure the line can be rotated 360 degrees. Remember, the line is imaginary.

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symetrical pouch using nothing more than paintbrush, and the flips under layers and alignment plugin. a layer for each item and a duplcate . Not everything requires a massive reworking of this program. you have to put a little effort into it.

the head portion you must watch the far right bottom of your screen and make sure you start top and bottom dead centre.

ie 800 wide picture then watch the first number is at 400 to start and finish of one side. nose is just a circle and I did use the align plug in for that.

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