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redownloading plugins

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I didn't know that updates did overwrite these folders, at least they don't for me. :? Which method do you normally use to install updates? As for your problem, I would reccomend making a copy of the folder that you can simply paste the contents of into the Effects and FileTypes folders.

Also, you may wish to remove the poll, as it may be classified as "useless" and thus breaking rule 21.

Welcome to the forums. :)

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[rule=21]No need for a poll[/rule].

To the matter at hand, an update does not remove your plugins, whether via auto-updater or a fresh download. In fact, even uninstalling Paint.NET does remove them, the folder has to be manually deleted after the fact.

You'd also do very well to listen to Simon's advice of creating a back-up for ease of reinstallation if needed.

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I have a copy of all my plug-ins in a file in my documents folder. There are many in the plug-in packs that I don`t use (yet) so I only install the dll files I am going to use. They are copied onto DVD-RW as well.

The only time I redownload plug-ins is when they are updated for newer versions of PDN.



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