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help: move/resize images

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Hello CassandraC! Welcome to the world of Paint.Net. There are a couple of ways to rezize an image. The first is to go to the "Image" menu and click on "Resize.."


Which will upon up a dialog box like this:


Where you can put in the desired dimensions.

Another, less exact method is by dragging the nubs on the side of the selection box.


You just click and drag on a nub to where you would like it to resize to.


To move an image in Paint.Net all you have to do is select what you would like to move, using one of the three selection tools available, then click on the "Move selected pixels" tool and just click and drag the selection around. If this doesn't seem to do anything, make sure you have the right layer selected! :P

Hope that clears things up a bit. :)


If you're not into numbers, call me Chris!

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