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Just to mention. Not really important.

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Would you believe I just noticed this, as I was looking for the help menu? I don't remember how the GUI used to be. I think it changed a while ago, but I am also crazy, so. This is nice though. Thank you for the continued devt. There always seems to be an improvement! I forget how to do the plugins, so that's why I came here actually. But didn't want to forget. I try to stay out of forums. People don't put up with me. I don't blame them. ;)

(E.g. maybe put a little pop-up on first start up to remind people to look up there just quickly?)
https://imgur.com/Cr9Qkk1.png(wth? i tried 2x using the link as below)

Cheers! and thanks again. 

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6 hours ago, ajaxStardust said:

I forget how to do the plugins


You can find the answer here: https://www.getpaint.net/doc/latest/InstallPlugins.html 


6 hours ago, ajaxStardust said:

It used to be BBCode


You must now use https and a good place to 'host' your images is at:  https://postimages.org/


6 hours ago, ajaxStardust said:

Correct link to image:


This area is for you to 'toggle on/off' your history, layers, color and Tools windows.  The cog ⚙, to the right of this bar, is your Settings for Paint.net.





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