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Installation questions + slow start of the program + ...

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Hello there,

i do not work a lot of with image editing but when is necessary i use your fine program:) but there are problems who make me angry :? When i try to install Paint.net a program with name ***optimizer.exe or something about it is asking for internet. Why is that necessary? and i have to click "Deny" a lot of times in ZoneAlarm Free product until the program begins to installs.

When i install program this way - when i start the program it starts after 10-20 or maybe more seconds, but my HDD is not thinking(my LED is not lighting) - the problem is not in my computer. This bug happens also when i am doing something in the program - for example first time when i click "Undo"

Does program requires only .Net framework 2.0 or it requires and .Net framework 1.1 or 1.0 and is it problem if i have Microsoft .Net framework 1.1 and 2.0 on my computer, because some programs require .Net framework 1.1 to be installed - my burning software - CdBurner XP

Thank you in advance about your answers:)

EDIT I uninstalled zonealarm and paint.net(+paint.net folder in program files) and then installed new version of ZoneAlarm and Paint.Net and during the installation it did not ask me for internet access and now everything is fine :)

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