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Layers - Rotate /Zoom not functioning correctly


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Hi, you can read why it appears nothing is happening here:




The second slider determines which compass direction the reticle faces. Zero is due East, 90 degrees South, 180 degrees (both + and -) West and -90 degrees faces North.  The action of the second slider is most obvious when the third slider is non-zero.

Rotate Zoom Roll Control demo


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(September 25th, 2023)  Sorry about any broken images in my posts. I am aware of the issue.

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2 hours ago, Dee said:

From Layers menu, select Rotate/Zoom, on second box change 0.00 to any number, click in any other box, nothing happens.


It works as intended, it's just somewhat confusing.


The third control determines how far the axis of the sphere is tilted from the center-line (the "center-line" being the vector pointing outward toward you). When the third control is zero, the axis points along the center-line. The second control determines the direction it's tilted. If the axis of the sphere isn't tilted from the center-line, the "direction it's tilted"  has no meaning. Therefore, the second control has no effect when the third control is zero.

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