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How do I make a 2 pixel wide line in an image 1 pixel wide?

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I think to provide any meaningful responses we'd need to know a lot more about the image. In fact, I'd be surprised if anyone could give useful advice without seeing the image (or a very similar one). However, unless the image is very simple, or the lines are in an isolated region, I suspect it won't be an easy task.

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4 hours ago, saramello said:

The title says it all. I have several 2 pixel wide lines in an image that I need to make 1 pixel wide. Going through and either re-tracing or erasing half is very time consuming. Is there some plug-in or built in feature that would automatically thin lines? 


Try a built-in effect called Effects > Distort > Morphology:



Dilate mode makes lines thinner and Erode mode makes your lines thicker.

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Here's an alternate way to do things using the image you gave. It only works when the lines are on a transparent layer and not frequently overlapping.
Make sure you get BoltBait's Bevel Object plugin from his plugin pack to start.


- Run the plugin with a depth of 1, strength of 1, black highlight & white shadow colors, and don't keep the original image
- Do Adjustments -> Brightness / Contrast with a contrast of 100 and a good middle number for brightness. I chose 52
- The lines should be black and white. Use the magic wand tool to select one of the colors (I selected white), in flood fill mode, and then delete that color

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