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Feature Request: Change tool size with Key+Mousewheel

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I use tools like eraser quite often and need to vary both tool size as well as its hardness.

It is quite cumbersome to move the mouse pointer every time a need to change size away from the current working area (in order to hover+scroll) over the tool size selection box. Instead, I'd highly prefer a (ideally customizable) key to be pressed, which lets me change the tool size use scroll wheel right in place. In case this feature will come, maybe the effort to add a second key to change hardness is not toooo big ;)




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+1 ^^


You can add the Ctrl key to the square bracket keys for larger size changes (5px per combination press).


Unfortunately there is no keyboard chord for Hardness.

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This is not very helpful, unfortunately. Given I use my mouse right-handed, I have to use the left hand for pressing whatever-keys. Pressing both Ctrl + [] is hardly possible (on a german keyboard, esp). Besides, it is not working (again, German Keyboard). Can somebody please verify, that it does/does not work with german keyboards?


Maybe the feature request should then be changed to "make the keymap customizable"

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It does work with german keyboards , if you press the the right keys .

"Alt Gr" + "[" or "]"

or "Strg" + "Alt Gr" + "[" or "]" (for larger size changes)

(on a german keyboard is Strg = Ctrl)

And I strongly recommend ;



For this and all keyboard commands, have a read here. (<-click)



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