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Speaking of 4.3.12....won't download.


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Hello painters:


For some reason, I'm having trouble with the installer.


When I try to install 4.3.12., the installer does start, move on to "Continue", and when I press that,

a few seconds go by, and then, this error....


Installation failed. There was an unhandled exception:

Could not download

https://www.getpaintnet/updates/v9/manifestosBOl x64.json

The request was aborted: Could not create SSL/TLS secure channel.


4312325723384 x84


Everything else working on with my internet; same hardware/software for 2+ years.


I'm "still" on Windows 7/64, but, all 4.3.x are supposed to still be compatible with Win 8/7??


I tried 4.3.11, same result....could only get 4.0.9 to fully install.


Any insights/advice, greatly appreicated!!


Thanks in advance.

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Sounds like you're missing the update for Windows 7 that added support for modern versions TLS.

That particular update was release many years ago. You should really run Windows Update.

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Thanks everybody.   Its estimated that somewhere between 15% of total Windows Users are still sticking with Windows 7.   I've updated my Windows 7 with everything that's ever been published on Windows Update for Windows 7.   I have Windows 10 copies, 4 of them, but I'm still gonna postpone updating 'til I absolutely have to.  I guess nobody remembers when M'Soft was putting out updates for Windows 10 that blew up some people's computers.  I do.


Anyway, it was the github "offline" installers that did the trick. 



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It's certainly not 15% of the Paint.NET user base. I measured it much, much lower than that.


PDN will not support Win7 with the 5.0 release, which is coming relatively soon.

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