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Installation issue

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I have been using Paint.net for a long time without problem.
This latest version gives an error 1603 when trying to install and will not not go further.
I uninstalled previous version and removed all related folders and registry key. Still will not install...

Unfortunately now I get same error with version 4.3.11... 😞

Windows 10 PRO up to date.

Any idea ?


Thanks !

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Hi @mpoirier


Sounds like you have an existing paint.net installation that has become broken. Please use this utility to remove the broken installation:



Afterwards, you should be able to install paint.net anew.

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5 minutes ago, mpoirier said:

What is the meaning of error 1603 ?


It means an Error (any fatal error) occurred during installation.


To see the specific error code/message, you have to run the MSI with verbose logging.

If you're technically inclined and comfortable with that, here's the command:

msiexec /i paint.net.4.3.12.winmsi.x64.msi /L*V %UserProfile%\Desktop\pdn.log


As you can see, it will place a log file on your desktop.


The needed MSI file can be found here:



MSI error code can be found here:


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I see this in the log:

DEBUG: Error 2203:  Database: C:\WINDOWS\Installer\inprogressinstallinfo.ipi. Cannot open database file. System error -2147287037


Do you have any sort of third-party anti-malware software running? Those can interfere with installations sometimes.


25 minutes ago, mpoirier said:

I got scared and re-installed successfuly some apps (Notepad++, Git, WinDiff...)


I don't think any of those actually use the Windows Installer (MSI).  For example, I know Notepad++ uses an NSIS installer.

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