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How do you change the paint reflection on a car?

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I have a white van that I took a picture of from the side. The white color of the van is very glossy so you can see everything behind me (including myself) in the paints reflection in the photo. 

I’m trying to photoshop the van to look like it’s in outer space. I know how to change the background of the photo to space, but that still leaves this glossy mirrored reflection of myself and my surroundings on the van. I want to remove the original reflection and have more of the space background reflect off of it to look more realistic. Is there a way to do this? I tried looking around online but I don’t know the right terminology so I came up short. 

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First, I would try Content Aware Fill to remove the reflection from the van.


You may have to make selection(s) in order for the reflection to be removed.  I am not confident that the plug-in will solve your first major hurdle, but I'm curious if that may work.

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2 hours ago, AstroPainter said:

I have a white van that I took a picture of from the side


Without seeing the image, it's pretty much impossible to say how difficult it would be, or to offer any coherent suggestions. I rather doubt, though, that it will be easy. Usually for this sort of thing, there's no automatic or simple way to distinguish between what should be eliminated (the reflections) and what should be kept (the van's features and shading).

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