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Consistent behavior for Escape key

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So I'm still pretty much a newbie to pdn, but I'm feeling my way around. One thing that makes it difficult right now is the inconsistent behavior of the Escape key. I'm working on something that has a lot of text and lines. So I type some text, and then hit escape to get out of "enter text" mode. Then I draw a line and hit escape, and the darn line is erased.

I'll check what all of the tools do (list below). I don't really know what the right answer is, but having it undo lines and gradients seems inconsistent.



PS: I've learned my lesson about trying to build a table with spaces :-)

Tool                  Escape Behavior
-----                 ----------------
Select                Erase all selection
Move                  Erase selection
Zoom                  No effect
Paint Bucket          No effect
Gradient              Undo effect of gradient
Paintbrush            No effect
Eraser                No effect
Pencil                No effect
Color Picker          No effect
Clone Stamp           
Text                  Stop entering text
Line                  Undo line entry
             No effect

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When in paint.NET hit F1 to bring up the help file. All tools are documented in the help file and there shortcuts / keyboard commands are also in there.

Also when you pick a tool like Clone Stamp, the status bar at the bottom of the program in the left hand side tells you what to click and press to use it.

hope that helps :wink:

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