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Changing Text Color

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Not sure what you mean by the little black square. It sounds like you have both Primary and Secondary colours set to white so you're not going to see any text if you're using a white background.


Font colour is changed using the Colors GUI tool. The Primary colour is used for the font colour; to change it you just change the primary colour using the colour selector options in Colors tool or by using a custom colour.


As long as you've selected the Primary colour rather than the Secondary one changing the font colour should simple.


I would point out that the existing text colour will not change if the text cursor has been cancelled, the cursor must still be blinking to change the existing text. I think that might be the problem you're having.


It is always best to use a separate layer (transparent background) for the text. That way if you want to change the colour of all the text you can do that without it affecting any other part of the image.


Apologies for the crudity of this diagram but I hope it will enlighten.




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