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Help with easy design

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I am very new to Paint.net and have spend more time on this little project than I care to admit. Would someone please help me with this?


I am looking to do this but can not get smooth lines when printing (but can get perfect photo quality print on same canvas in the top white area). The overlaying ribbon is HEX 015836 and the underlaying ribbon is HEX EEE3C6. The bottom right corner has a outline of the state of Minnesota in white.





The canvas dimensions are:



Will someone please help me out?










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HI Nordy, welcome! :)


9 hours ago, Nordy said:

can not get smooth lines when printing


Your source image is very small @212px x 337px. This is probably what's giving you a poor print quality.


If you want the stated print size, make the image dimensions match at 300-pixels=per-inch:


2.21 inches x 300ppi = 663pixels wide

3.37 inches x 300ppi = 1011pixels high.


^ Start with a canvas of that size, minimum.

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Did you redraw the image on the larger canvas, or stretch the original to match the new size?


Try printing this image out at the required size and see if it works for you.



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