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Export function in paint.net

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Sorry to admin for posting a reply to a 3 month old replied thread...

So here is my reason for requesting this as well .....


I have to agree to this idea - this will hopefully explain why I would find it useful.

and in this example i am working with the source template image

and creating multiple variations of the same for a community site for instance

that requires each banner to have the community's unique name...

1) I open "banner-source.pdn"

2) make a small change like the banner title text for each community name

3) "save as" and select jpg,

4) confirm the quality

5) and then "flatten" and give it a different file name so I can tell them apart.

now comes the annoyance....

6) I then have to close the active file as it is now a jpg.

7) go to "File/Open recent" and re-select the "banner-source.pdn" to open it.

8) I can now start the creation of the next one...

I would like the export function so that I simply retain the original source file

open in Paint.net that I was working with - the banner-source.pdn

no more steps like 6 to 8.

I hope this makes sense to all. thanks for a great product though :)


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I'm profusely sorry for not paying attention! I somehow got my Firefox tabs switched up, and yelled at you on a thread I thought was necroposted and still open.

I really do apologize! That was totally unintentional.


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After you are done saving the file. (step5)

In the history window, click on :Rewind: will turn you image back to the state of "banner-source.pdn"

And you can start working on your next one.

Doh! doh! and trebel Doh! - numpty alert.... thanks guys and no probs David, didn't read your "shout" anyway ;) so don't worry, it was my fault for not paying attention to the rules fully in the first place.

I would like to say, that as a Macromedia Fireworks fan and a deprecated Photoshop user, I have never really managed to get to grips comfortably with another package - familiarity etc etc...

But I was "forced" to use a design package at my new work and had to choose something quickly for a particular task (mentioned above) and I quickly learned to use paint.net and have become a rather big fan in the short time I have worked with it - 2 weeks :shock:

I had tried Gimpshop, and oh my goodness apart from quite a few errors and system notices poping up it just wasn't intuitive or easy to master - too many bugs for me - admitedly its a "port" of Gimp, but that in itslef requires a road map to get around.

Thanks again and a donation is winging its way to the teams


easygoin.net (as always the last design job in the list and its mine)

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