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Make a sig and a avatar with paint.net?

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You cant say this, beacause every avatar and every signature is different!

You have to decide, what you want to show in your avatar/sig. A must-have is (in my opinion) the nickname :D.

I think, you shoul read the "Glass Orbs"-tutorial and some other ones.

I think, that a round thing in an avatar looks good, anywhere.

If you need help with some special things: ask here! :D



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For an avatar you have to change the canvas size to a maximum of 64 pixels wide and a maximum of 64 pixels high (64x64), then draw something and save it. you can then upload it in your profile.

For a signiture you can make it any size (but not too big, perhaps about a wdith of 550 pixels and a height of about 150 pixels). Just draw something, upload it to somewhere like imageshack (http://www.imageshack.us) and then copy the link to the direct image, and then in your signiture box in your profile write...

 [img= http://www.tht-link-of-your-image.com ]

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...how can we tell you how to be creative...

look on the tutorial board and see some of the things that can be done with paint.net and try and think of your own way to make one using different techniques.

Thank you, aatwo, that is what I wanted to say :)

(Sorry, language barrier)

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