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I feel stupid asking this but...

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what is the clone stamp? :oops:

Please explain it to me, completely, don't leave anything out.

I'm trying to use the tut. that's a work around of the smooth/blur tool and it uses the clone stamp which I have no idea how to use.

Feel free to laugh and poke fun but please Explain it. I can't go on without knowing :cry:it makes me feel...left out.

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hey dont worry its pretty easy to understand. basically the clone stamp is a tool used to copy one part of a pic to another. To select the part u wish to copy hold Control and Click on that area. To copy it to another place just click where u want it to go. If you have anymore questions plz ask :D


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I confess stupidity also. I can't get Clone Stamp to work. Here's what I do:

I open my .jpg file and left click on the clone stamp tool. The message at the bottom of the screen says: "Hold Ctrl and left click to select an origin. Afterwards, left click and draw to copy."

So I hold Ctrl down, then left click on the area of the picture that I want to copy from. The cursor turns into a small cross with a little square something in the upper right corner. There is a small white dot on my picture that is blinking slowly on and off.

I'm not sure what the tool wants me to do now. Nothing else seems to happen. If I press Ctrl again, the location of the small white dot changes, but nothing is copied, as far as I can tell. Can anybody give me very basic instructions on how to make this tool work? Sorry again to be so uninformed, but the instructions are simply not very comprehensive or clear to me.

Thanks in advance for your help.

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Have you read this: http://www.getpaint.net/doc/latest/en/CloneStamp.html ?

After you've selected your source by holding Ctrl, you release Ctrl and click somewhere else. It will "clone" the area you clicked with Ctrl and "stamp" it onto the area you're clicking now. :-) If you don't see any obvious effects, the size may be too small. Try increasing brush size.


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