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bring back the Shapes tool please!

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I been very busy with other things, and haven't used Paint.net to compose a picture of my own for at least a year, and when I tried to create an image with just simple background and a lot of weird little cartoony filled shapes, I couldn't find the tool I used to use all the time. It was some kind of Shapes tool, right on the Tools dropdown.  You just selected the tool, clicked on the canvas, drew a line, clicked again, drew another line, clicked again, and repeated that as long as you wanted, geting an outline of whatever shape you wanted, until you doubled-clicked at the end, which would close the loop.    And you could then stretch any point in the shape as you liked, fine-tuning it. 

What happened to this?   Please don't just say it was discontinued.  lt was one of my favorite tools and there's nothing like it left.  The Shapes icon at the bottom won't even let you change the shape of a triangle or slant it, or anything but resize it.   I love Paint.net. the only thing out of Microsoft, it seems, that ever escaped the corporate machine.

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I think you may have used the Shapemaker Tool


You then save your shape to the Shapes folder, restart paint.net and then look in the Shapes drop down.


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