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I haven't posted in a long time, I know, but I have something I think you guys should check out. At work I've been working on the company website, and it just launched last Thursday. We don't have photoshop and they didn't want to buy it, so that's where I picked up Paint.NET.

Almost all images have been created or modified using Paint.NET and many community plugins. I've used GIMP for a few things such as cropping and resizing where Paint.NET was freezing on me or had crashed repeatedly that day (I hold a grudge sometimes).

Just some thanks to the Paint.NET team and community, and please feel free to leave any comments/suggestions. A few suggestions I have for a future feature would be drag-and-drop layer moving, and more importantly, non-rasterized text layers. I've found that I'd be able to utilize the program more if I could move and edit text thats already styled. This, I guess, would imply layer styles that dynamically affect layers. Just my suggestions on using it the program for professional use.

The website is http://www.technophar.com:


Also, all the coding was done by myself with the help of my manager in PHP using Eclipse IDE. And a special thanks to the glass buttons tutorial.

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Thanks, though Paint.NET was only part of the process. I used it to create the images and help me decide on layout and colours, but there's other parts that an image program can't handle :P

And I didn't mean for that to be a plug, but rather an image to give a preview. If the mods/admins don't like it, I'll change it and perhaps add a small screenshot, but I don't think anyone here is in the market for $200,000-600,000 machines, are they?

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The creative commons licence limits the actual software, not the products made with it. Someone can't, for example, take the Paint.NET source code and change it, then turn around and sell it.

I haven't seen any licence that says the program can't be used to make commercial products, and that'd be silly, because programs are made to be used by people, including commercial users. Also, I never sold anything. I work for the company and there was no payment for the product, and as far as I know, that's not covered by the non-commercial clause. It means to sell the remixed works, and like I said, it doens't apply to the works made with the program, but rather works derived from the program.

Also, that makes me wonder why Share-Alike has been included in that licence? Someone could remix it, release it under a commercial-possible licence, and then someone else could remix that and sell it. Though I'm not sure if the original works is still covered.

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