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Hello! How do I mimic this type of image?

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So you will see that there are still shots from movies, that are sort of cel shaded but not exactly. What plug in would be used to get this effect? I want to try this on plants and stuff. 


Also note that I realize there is some artistic re-interpretation going on but for now let's just stick to cel shading things or however you might call it.


Thanks! Also I love paint.net!!! 


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There is an old plugin called Toon Shader which can be used to recreate something like cell shading. I've also had some success with @Red ochre's Poster plugin.


Quick tut:

  1. Open the source image
  2. Duplicate the layer
  3. Set the blend mode of the top layer to Color Dodge. You can also try Additive depending on the source image.
  4. Run Effects > Composition > Poster at the defaults, OR Effects > Artistic > Toon Shader.

Obviously, results will vary. Toon Shader will give you more 'islands' of color. I myself prefer Poster - it gives a cleaner look.




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