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Single pixel noise removal?

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Is there a plugin that can identify a single pixel that is different from all of the surrounding same color pixels and remove it or change its color?

I frequently work with BW or grayscale scans of varying (often poor) quality that contain many 'speckles' like the snippet that I have attached.  I would like to be able to remove those that are a single pixel surrounded by white pixels.  When found, the plugin should replace the pixel with the surrounding color.

I have seen reference to other plugins that do something similar, but not quite the same.  I would envision clicking the pixel to select the primary color, set tolerance, (set radius?) right-click the surrounding pixels to set the secondary color, (or transparent), and execute.  This is how I first thought the menu item Effects/Noise/Reduce noise should work, but it apparently doesn't, as I can't see any change when I try to use it on the drawing.

I used to have a fax viewer that had this function, and it worked very well.  Unfortunately, it was written for XP, and won't work in Win10.

Any suggestions would be appreciated!




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I'm not aware of a Plugin that can do that.  You could:


1.  Use the rectangle select to surround the 'speckles' and then hit delete.


2.  Likewise, if you want to change a pixel's color, surround it with Rectangle Select, or Ellipse select, and then use a color Plugin, like Color Tint.


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BoltBait's Remove Dust might be worth a try too

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