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Standard Print Size How-To -- Simple! PaintDOTNet Built-In!

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PaintDOTNet is fantastic! After learning the layers, we can do amazing things. So I wanted to share an important feature which was hard to figure out. AND YET IT IS SUPER SIMPLE. The answer is buried in a 2015 post (and I didn't see any other posts that directly solved the question). So here's the clear version.


QUESTION: You want to format pictures according to standard 4X6 or 5X7 photo frames etc. How to do this. . . 

HARD WAY: Do complicated math around pixels and geometry. Then implement via resizing and frame selection. Tricky. Time-consuming. Not flexible. (I think.)

SIMPLE WAY: Use the Rectangle Select Tool, and use the Fixed Ratio Option!!! Very easy and flexible and fast. Purpose-built in PaintDOTNet.


1. Select Tool "Rectangle Select".

2. Instead of default "Normal Option", select "Fixed Ratio".

3. Put in the ratio of your desired picture, e.g. "5X7".

4. Select a rectangle in the picture. The selection is constrained to the dimensions you specified. It DOES NOT MATTER what size in pixels the original is. ALSO note that you can play around with the selection: (1) where you start can result in a bigger or smaller selection and/or picture subject emphasis and (2) with "move selected pixels" you can of course move the selection.

5. "Crop to Selection"! You're done! You have an image that is exactly the relative dimensions you want.

6. Depending on your output requirements, you may or may not want to resize the actual pixel dimensions of your image. Many commercial printers for example will take a larger photo and just shrink it to fit. At least you know the geometry is correct.


That's it! This method is built-in and works fast. You can do many pictures quickly with a nice workflow.





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4.5 continue holding down the left mouse button then add the right mouse button. This allows you to drag the selection around ;) 

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