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Testing a quirk of theme titlebar broke preference saving

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On Windows 10 64-bit Home on PDN 4.3.11, if I switch the theme between dark and light modes, the floating dockable panes (Color / History / Tools / Layers) do not refresh the window titlebar colors immediately (they will if I switch back and forth between windows though).

More importantly, constantly opening and closing paint.net to test theming for my plugin & investigating what the above issue is has caused paint.net to stop, apparently, saving the preferences (any of them). That includes not just the User Interface tab but also the Tools tab. I'm not sure what broke here, but it was definitely saving the theme changes at the start of all this testing, and restoring them as expected when starting paint.net again.

If this data is saved to the registry or a file, I could take a look at it to do whatever testing you might think of. Or any other specs you want me to share.

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