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Fading a semi transparent fill to the edge of an irregular shape

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I want to create a semi transparent background for text that fades towards the edge, so the  obscuring of the background image is minimised but the text stands out clearly. I can't find a gradient tool that doesn't create hard edges on some parts of the border, and I'm not familiar enough with Paint.Net to know another way to do this. Can anyone help?

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Hello @mattix and welcome :) 


Take a look at this tutorial and use the gradient on the text, which you should have on its own layer:





How I made Jennifer & Halle in Paint.net

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Not sure exactly what you want to do.

Is it something like this, which is a white block on a layer below the text that has been

Gaussian blurred, then had the Opacity reduced in Layer Properties.

If not then maybe you could explain further what you want.

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  1. Open the background image
  2. Add a new layer. (Ctrl + Shift + N). Put yout text on this new layer.
  3. Select the text (usually Magic Wand + Shift key)
  4. Delete the selection from the background layer
  5. With the background layer active, apply the Alpha Blur plugin



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