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Prevent ALT key from focusing the menu bar while editing

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So currently I am using the select tool (s) to select a mass of pixels. I am them using the move tool (m) to shift the pixels and switch back to the select tool (s). I need to use alt in order to deselect pixels so I can continue ordering my blocks of pixels. You can guess that not every time I finish a click perhaps due to thinking or double press. However, I've been noticing that it obviously selects the menu bar. As a power user I am never using a menu bar for anything a keyboard shortcut has to offer, therefore, I would like to disable menu focus. This is what I got set up in my windows registry but it seems like paint.net doesn't unrecognize it. I was unable to find any option to disable the menu bar focusing with alt.


Am I missing something?

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5 hours ago, MeerkatPower32 said:

Am I missing something?


1. Pressing Alt then releasing it with no intervening action focuses the menu bar.

2. Pressing Alt and a menu shortcut key (F/E/I/L/A/c) focuses the menubar and opens the corresponding menu.


3. With a selection already made and a selection tool active, then doing this (in this order):

  1. pressing and holding Alt
  2. pressing and holding down the left mouse button
  3. dragging the mouse
  4. releasing the left mouse button
  5. releasing Alt

...subtracts from the selection and does not focus the menu bar.

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