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Making picture sizes uniform

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I am working with a large number of photographs for a website. Pixel height and width vary. To fit best in the design I need to get the dimensions uniform. For example, how can I get them all to be, say 500 x 633 with a thumbnail to go in a chart of about 150 x 189 -without distorting appearance.



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If there is a way to do that it has never occurred to me. I don't think it is mathematical possible but I'll share with you what I do. You can crop the larger ones which means you would lose part of the picture or add a background canvas to the smaller ones to make the dimensions right. I usually choose two colors from the picture and use a gradient on the background or make a frame.

This photo is an odd size but I wanted it that way to match the size of some others I was using so I add a background canvas and the names at the top. I don't know if this helps you in anyway but sometimes you just have to be creative. If there is another answer to this I would love to hear it also.




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-without distorting appearance.
This is highly unavoidable. You are wanting to resize images of varying dimensions to the exact same size each, but this cannot happen without distortion because with some/all images you will be contorting the image disproportionally.

If you want them all at one uniform size without distortion, one option is to resize only one distance with all - say, the width only. This will resize them to a uniform width with no distortion.

Alternatively, janettsue's idea is definitely worth a shot, where you create a canvas the size you require then place atop a resized photo as I suggested above. Here, you will have the photo undistorted whilst also obtaining the exact dimensions you wish for.

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