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I need help turning Gradient Noise off. This seems to be a feature that cannot be disabled.

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Here is a screenshot of a section of a perfectly horizontal gradient of pixels made from R255G255B255 to R127G127B127 with full opacity and no background. It shouldn't matter, but AA is turned off in this example, and this issue persists with or without AA on.

If you colour pick each pixel, you'll notice there is photograph-like noise: Some pixels have a variation of 1 or two units in any of the RGB channels. This noise seems like an intentional feature, perhaps, in order to make the gradient work better with photos, maybe. However, for making exact and geometric images, it is a very annoying and frustrating "feature" that as far as I know cannot be disabled.

If you know how to disable it, please assist me. I attempted to look for this issue's solution, and I found one thread where somebody proposed the issue was that AA was on (which is unfortunately incorrect as mentioned before) and it was left unresolved.


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