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Recolor tool with transparent pixels is flawed

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This isn't a bug report, it's a design discussion because I think the current behavior is intended. The recolor tool is currently designed to interpolate alpha of affected pixels to be a value between what they were and the desired color (the same as it does with the RGB channels), based on tolerance (or so I think that's what it's doing). Here are some visual examples of why I think that's undesirable:



So what I'm showing here is how the recolor tool behaves when you tell it to replace a pixel color that has an alpha value between 0 and 255. I'm also making it clear that all those in-between values produce visual artifacts that get in the way of work. I see two possible solutions to this design:

1. The replacement color is treated as having 255 alpha. This isn't really a fix as much as a band-aid, but it at least avoids the artifacts.

2. Don't adjust the final alpha values of any pixel. They should be exactly as they were, and the Recolor tool is designed to change only color, not alpha. Then everything would be very coherent and artifact-free.


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